Insights 10.20.21

Wednesday, October 20, 2021

Full Moon Wednesday. I did notice the full moon from last night at the walking meetup. But, today, is officially Full Moon night. Full Moon in Aries = beginning of a new cycle. Violence effects. There might be an ending to something.

Dog Bounty Hunter is a bullshit crisis actor, and the whole Brian and Gabby shit is a false flag staged story, set up to promote an agenda. Both Brian and Gabby are alive and hidden, and probably laughing at everyone’s face for following their bullshit. It is all created for a distraction, while the world is changing and moving toward the New World Order agenda. Gabby is a part of a Luciferian family, a crisis actress in false flags, promoting bullshit for people who stupid and bored enough to follow this trash. Her father went on that retard Dr. Phil’s gay talk show to further promote the agenda and bullshit to all the stupid people who still watch that crap show. There is sex trafficking in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. That is the main agenda behind the bullshit false flag, filled with fucktard satanic crisis actors, such as Brain and Gabby, and etc. Kids are trafficked through underground tunnels, such as from Mexico to USA. Brian and Gabby are under MK Ultra mind control for the false flag agenda.

Rachel Roy—American Fashion Designer—5 ft 10. She was having an affair with Jay Z.

Tupac’s girlfriend set him up to get killed. She was probably his handler.

Demi Lovato is under MK-Ultra to do all the bullshit promotions she is doing.

Ruth Ginsberg had weird ties…

Mother Theresa was a fraud.

Bush did child hunting in Belgium.

Joan Rivers was murdered for saying Michelle Obama is a trannie, and Barack Obama is America’s first gay president.

Chaka Khan stated that Whitney was murdered because she never takes baths in tubs.

I notice a lot of inconsistencies on this video. During the 80s and 90s, Cher was promoted as a Scorpio and 5 ft 3, and now she is a Taurus and 5 ft 7 or 5 ft 9. Moreover, many actresses are promoting themselves at a taller height than before, including Amal Clooney who was 5 ft 8 in the beginning when she married George. But nowadays after her surrogate twins were born, she has suddenly became 5 ft 9. Julia Roberts was 5 ft 9 throughout the 90s, but after she had 3 kids, she is now promoting herself as 5 ft 10. I think as women get older, they become fatter and bigger boned, which might make them appear taller and bigger than before. 


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