Insights 10.2.22

Sunday, October 2, 2022

Joe DeMaggio and Arthur Miller were with Marilyn Monroe. Marilyn was a presidential prostitute, passed around between different presidents. Marilyn didn’t wear underwear, which is like Sharon Stone in the movie, Basic Instinct.

Britney Spears is a human-trafficked slave by her Luciferian family.

Yacht Girls? A female wannabe celebrities trafficked on yachts.

Celebrities are used as puppets to stupid people who follow or admire them. They are all slaves, which is how they get paid.

Michael Jackson always danced with a hand on his penis. It is satanic hand gesture on his penis.

Russell Brand is possessed, with crazy hand gestures and incantations.

Zionists steal other people’s stories, and pretend it is theirs because they don’t have talent or personality, and they cannot do anything on their own.

Rachel Ray? P.Diddy? Garth Brooks? Kelsey Grammer?

Beatles are puppets, always pushing agendas to the public.

October 2022: end of the month is mars retrograde, after the eclipses. Men will do fuckery. Stock market crash.

Bill Murray?

“It is a good day to die” is from the movie, Flatliners, and Keiffer Sutherland’s character says it.

Baldwin family is Illuminati family. They make many kids for rituals.


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