Insights 10.1.21

Friday, October 1, 2021

pink amethyst quartz? I found a small purple amethyst in the mall parking lot while walking towards my car.

Selenite crystal and other crystal rocks.

That is what I thought…Free Britney Crap is all a scam to distract the public with her bullshit. I was never into Britney Spears to begin with. She sucks, and now she is trying to keep her face in the media in other ways to entertain her fans.

Susan Powter? Lost weight via cocaine and she is a lesbian.

Dog Bounty Hunter is a part of the psyop false flag in Florida, associated with the crisis actors Gabby Petito and Brian Laundrie, who are both hiding out while the story continues about seeking Brian to get justice bullshit for Gabby. There was a video, where he went to the “Laundrie” house, knocking on their door to find “Brian,” but no one opened the door. I guess he is playing the so-called “hero” in this staged story to entertain the public following this bullshit on a wild goose chase until they come up with their crazy conclusion, whatever that will be…

Dog Bounty Hunter wears sunglasses to hide his energy, while he is able to see other people’s energy.

Cute. Her kitten as asleep on the sofa chair.

They are controlling everything on earth while on the astral level. They make certain gullible people act in a certain way on earth.

There is likely to be another lockdown in the future.


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