Insights 1.27.22

Thursday, January 27, 2022

Justin is Fidel Castro’s bastard son because Pierre Trudeau was gay. So, the prime minister of Canada is Justin Castro.

Cities are enslaving their residents with vaccine and mask mandates.

Mass arrests start in Australia in 3 days?

Shaq O’Neal is a Luciferian Freemason Satanist.

Jennifer Hudson was desperate to become rich and famous. She sacrificed family members to be where she is at now. And, she got started on American Idol. The contestants on that reality show are average, and that show is all about entertainment, not a real contest; rather, it is about finding a person with personality and relatability to promote shit to the public like a celebrity puppet, which is why Carrie Underwood won an American Idol episode.

Ramsay family were Illuminati freemason family, and Jonbenet was abused by her father’s friends to be groomed for the future. Jonbenet was being filmed in porn. They probably screwed up the brother, too.

Charles Manson was mind-controlled to work for the government as an assassin, which is why he became famous in the media until he died in prison. They turned him into a celebrity.

OJ Simpson case had to do with a ritual killing.

Tony Randall, AKA Rosenberg, married a 20-year-old girl in his 70s, and he finally became a father.


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