Insights 1.20.22

Thursday, January 20, 2022

The kitten was spayed yesterday. Poor thing.

Reading an animal’s energy involves getting picture images.

Anthony Bourdain cooked human meat gourmet food for elites. He regretted it, and started to speak out against human meat cannibalism, and he was murdered by hanging via red scarf.

Pluto Return on February 20th.

Celebrities are under MK Ultra mind control to perform like puppet slaves.

Megan Fox and MachineGun Kelly got engaged during Venus Retrograde. They are satanists.

Oprah and Gail are obvious lesbian lovers for a long time. This is old news. Oprah is involved in child trafficking.

Michael Jackson was murdered

Red Roses symbolizes the blood of the innocent.

Geffin was involved with Keanu Reeves when Keanu was young.

Meditation takes you out of your body.


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