Insights 1.13.22

Thursday, January 13, 2022

Sinead O’Conner’s 17-year-old died on January 6th.  She has sun is Sagittarius and moon in libra. Her son was enlightened, and he looked like her. Her son sits and watches. She has mars in libra. Jupiter just went into Pisces. Her son got caught in an energetic whirlpool. He is at peace. Sinead became a Muslim.

Bob Saget’s roast is about pedophilia.

Mercury Retrograde goes on January 14th.  Mars Retrograde in October, when the financial crash will happen, around October 31st.  Declaration of war will come out in January 2023.

Santeria involves putting period blood in food as a spell in order to get someone they want? These witches use hair from hairbrushes to do spells on people. They also use nail clippings.

Picasso painting is about seeing through a fragmented mind. Salvador Dali’s surrealism is about fragmented mind, as well.

Kids on Ridalin—splits the mind.

Jennifer Lawrence slept with Harvey Weinstein. He was transgendered because he was given female hormones.

Remote viewing?

Germany, Austria, and Quebec are fighting back against the vaccines.

Robert F. Kennedy Jr wrote a book about the Real Fauci, Bill Gates, Big Pharma, and the Global War against Democracy.

Dark energy can pick up on people’s thoughts to manipulate to do things when people are depressed. They take advantage of depressed and mentally impaired people.

Lisa Bonet and Jason Mamoa are getting a divorce. 12 years age difference.

Woody Allen and Soon Yi; Mia Farrow was from Illuminati family. He dates Mia. Woody grooms Soon Yi to marry her. He rapes his own daughter. And, adopts two Asian babies with Soon Yi. Ronan Farrow might be synthetic, clone, and DNA. He looks a lot like Mia Farrow, and a little bit like Frank Sinatra, but Ronan looks nothing like that cock-eyed Woody Allen.

Meryl Streep is a High Priestess.

Charles Manson was under MK-Ultra and government-created to do everything he did, which is why he was famous for all that crap he did. Armie Hammer and Jeffrey Dahlmer were manipulated and mind-controlled to do evil shit. Manson grew up in the brothels because his mother was a prostitute. They were given alters to do different jobs that they don’t remember doing.


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