Insighs 5.9.22

Monday, May 9, 2022

Tuesday morning, 4:47am, Cali time, is Mercury Retrograde in Gemini. Oh, shit, I have Gemini-rising. Should I go to the gym tomorrow morning? I also have walking meetup in the evening. Also, lunar eclipse in Gemini.

Lunar full moon in Scorpio on May 15th.

May 16th is Lunar Eclipse.

Remote viewing from other countries? 3rd-Eye Spy?

Miz Cracker is a famous drag queen? It is Maxwell Heller’s stage name.

There are many videos encouraging people to stock-up on food?

Stealing cars and taking them with fake ID? People now need a 3rd ID to prove who they say they are.

Scorpio is complete upheaval and rebuilding? That sounds New World Order…

Irish Twins—born 11 months apart in the same year.

May 13th is Friday the 13th.

Depp/Heard trial is a fake trial used for distraction from the Ghislaine Maxwell case, which isn’t allowed on TV. Johnny Depp owns an island. So, does Tom Hanks.

Sex up the ass is Illuminati ritual, like spirit cooking and sodomy ritual. It opens 3rd eye?

Hip-opener yoga poses—pigeon pose and others.

Hugh Hefner was gay and CIA-operative. He was a pimp for his playmates.

Marilyn Monroe is an Illuminati slave to US presidents, and so is Kim Kardashian, which is why she was wearing Marilyn’s dress at the Met Gala.

Marvin Gaye’s father killed Marvin.

Strong energy is one’s strengths and skills.

Porn is a large energy drain. Porn is sex-trafficking. It is an addiction. Sex toys.

Pamela Anderson was sexually abused.

Shaving whole body is about making the person look youth for pedophilia.

Sexually abused or covertly?

Triangulated is turning three people against each other.

White Hats—South American Mafias, like Mexican Drug Cartel,

Black Hats—Zionist Government Mafias.


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