Indian media is misleading around the world – Indian Singer Sonu Nigam

Indian singer Sonu Nigam said during an interview that our media and journalists should now be able to understand and should avoid disinformation. If you keep a false attitude with Pakistan then they will also respond in same way.

Sonu Nigam said our media celebrates the death of people. How can we celebrate the celebration of someone’s death? Our media needs to learn lessons, we also need to be a good human being. The Indian singer said that because of the inappropriate attitude of the Indian media, where India is misleading around the world, even India itself has begun to protest against its media.

He said that even the first ball was made in the match and the media started shouting, that we won, This is a very stupid move of Indian media. He added we should professionalism and there is lack of professionalism in our media. Sonu also added, media should not be used for political purpose and should present real and positive projection of our country. Today at every corner of the world our media has been critisized on false and fabricated breaking news and talk shows during to conflict with Pakistan.


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