In Her Skin movie review

Thursday, February 27, 2020

Last night, or early Thursday morning, I ended up watching an Australian movie on the indie channel. I had no plans of staying up that late because my new years resolution was to sleep early every night. But this drama looked interesting. By the end of the movie, I noticed that it was based on a true story. So, I decided to look up the real people on Youtube.

#2 Who are the real people? Who Is Caroline Reed Robertson?

The real Caroline Reed Robertson, who was an outsider and loner because she had no friends. She becomes obsessed with a young dancer, Rachel Barber, who was four years younger. They both lived in the same middle-class neighborhood in Melbourne, Australia. She wrote a five-year journal, detailing her plans to stalking, follow, and eventually murder Rachel. It was obvious premeditated murder for her journal entries, which gave her away. They knew each other because they went to the same school and Caroline often babysat Rachel. So, Rachel never really thought Caroline was a threat, just a weird girl. Caroline lured Rachel to an apartment she rented in Prahan, a suburb outside of Melbourne. She told Rachel that she had a modeling job for her, in which she will pay her lots of money, but she couldn’t tell anyone about this opportunity. It was a confidential agreement between both of them. Excited to make some money from someone she knew, Rachel agreed and took the tram to the flat. They met at the tram stop, in which there was a witness who actually saw them there together and had described Caroline to the police.

Caroline had drugged and strangled Rachel with a telephone chord, before transferring her body to her family’s farm where pets had been buried. Caroline had buried Rachel in a shallow grave.  According to the movie, Caroline had Epilepsy and Depression. And, one of the videos noted that she had a personality disorder. She was imprisoned and rehabilitated, before being paroled in 2015. She is now in mid-30s, living in a small house in Melbourne.

The motto of this true story is “Be careful who lives on your street.”

#4 Caroline Reed Robertson’s Obsession with Rachel

Caroline wanted to be Rachel because she thought Rachel was perfect. And, the only way to be her is to kill her. (This also reminds me what celebrities do by sacrificing a very famous celebrity in order to harness their energy and be them after killing them. Moreover, this reminds me of the movie, Dr. Sleep, where Rose the Hat and her gypsy vampire group went after younger people with certain powers in order to harness their energy and live longer lives.

Caroline was charged for the murder in March 2009 without parole for 14 years.

In 2000, Caroline was imprisoned for 20 years


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