IMVU Male Model Fashions

Tuesday, 6.8.31

Last month, I had noticed that I had gotten a male avatar gift in IMVU. I had many male avatar clothing from various theme but my female avatar couldn’t wear them. Later in May, I had received a Fashion Show room, catwalk and poses for my avatar so she can be a model. For this post, I decided to take some snapshots of my male IMVU avatar modeling the male clothes gifts I already have from previous IMVU gifts. 

My male avatar is modeling The Devil Wears RayBan sunglasses and LV cap as his main accents, along with different, sometimes, quite strange fashions. 

Outfit #6

I noticed that the Mad Scientist shoes is the only male shoes I have in my inventory. I probably need to go shopping for him later. But he models a Ship's Captain's uniform, which I probably got from the Titanic theme. The hat looks like it is from a Halloween theme because of the dark symbolism and tarot cards decor, but it reminds me of Madhatter from Alice in Wonderland. I kep the Mad Scientist white hair.


What do you think?

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