Icke Explains Reptilian Aliens & Demonic Possessions

Saturday, April 18, 2020

In the video, David Icke talks about demonic possessions and Reptilian Aliens. Networks of Secret Societies manipulate the world, behind the curtains, in secret, except I don’t think it is a secret anymore. Many of these elites in secret societies are associated with reptilian aliens and demonic possession.

As I watch this video, I realize I am watching it in good timing because the information fits with what is going on today, explaining what is going on.

UFO? It is about seeing frequencies, which enables one to see this UFO.

Possessions affect how people act by entering a person’s aura and manipulating that person’s behavior.

Some bloodlines have been inbred with such entities—human/reptilian alien hybrid mutants. They are involved in satanic rituals.

The 1% elite bloodlines, which includes Royals, and Rockefellers, Rothschilds, Hiltons, and others. They are controlling weapon technology to take over the human mind. Human man is connected to artificial intelligence because they want to turn people into transhumanism. Silicon Valley is about artificial intelligence and transhumanism, turning humans into super humans. That is why they want to forcibly inject a microchip into humans.

Building a technological prison where people will transform into demonic entities and reptilian aliens.


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