Ice Palace Room Decor Challenge

Monday, January 24, 2022

Challenge 8 in Yoworld January Events is called Ice to Meet You, which is a room décor challenge. It takes place in Quebec, Canada, at the Ice Palace.

My first avatar received 4.9 on the room décor. I chose an elegant décor in monochromatic white with light blue icy accent. My avatar has one pet—a white wolf-dog.

My second avatar received 4.4 on her home décor challenge. This room is also in a similar monochromatic white with icy light blue accent, but she has two pets—a white dog and a white cat. This room appears to be more traditional, but romantic, filled with white flowers. This room appears to be a bigger loft-sized room with a dining area in the loft room.

Which room do you prefer? The elegant living space room or the loft room?


What do you think?

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