How Meaningless the Awards

Some years ago, the most popular movie in history, Avatar, did not win the Award for Best Picture.  That went to some minor show which no one has seen or wants to.

Today, there’s a big debate about an American television show called Yellowstone which is the most watched but was NOT nominated for an Emmy.

I’ve posted it before;  Awards mean NOTHING.  They are as meaningful and Mommy and Daddy choosing their little munchkin as ‘Best Baby’.   

That the Awards are as crooked and worthless as a bent nail has been obvious for over twenty years.  Anyone who views the ‘winners’ has to be left with a question;  ‘this is the best they have?”

We stopped airing the Awards in my country a long time ago.  The show was boring, too long, and made no sense.  Further the cost wasn’t worth it, cause most people didn’t watch it.  They didn’t watch it because they had long decided the Awards were rubbish.

Far from selecting the best movie or program, the best acting or directing, they grant awards for other reasons.

The joke is,  Avatar is still the top movie and the winner is still in oblivion.


What do you think?

Written by jaylar

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