Hollywood, Elites & Kubrick Films Connection

Thursday, September 10, 2020

This video connects Kubrick’s movie, Eyes Wide Shut with Hollywood elites and British Royalty. Symbolism include satanism, Alex Crowley, freemasonry, hired supermodels for orgies, and cabalism. There is also pedophilia.

It was his last film, in which he was killed after the film.

I agree Kubrick was a part of the system for being able to go that far to do movies for them, but he also wanted to do his own artistic films.

Dark symbolism in Hollywood movies are all about predictive programming and preparing people for the future reality. Moreover, films are used to promote propaganda via selling things and ideas. Many A-list celebrities work for CIA and FBI as well as assassins.

The Joker movie appeared to provoke a revolution in society, which I think many movies do that.

Secret Societies, mafias, and intelligent agencies connections in Hollywood to control the public’s minds via MK Ultra mind control.

Alien movies have to do with psychological operations.

CIA is known to be the thugs selling drugs in drug trafficking.


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