Hints of Summertime Approaching…

Sunday, 6.6.21

It was a breezy cool Sunday morning, as I drove to the yoga meetup. 6 people showed up, and 7th unintentionally came late. We weren’t able to use our usual location anymore because the Senior patio area is now being used for religious service. So, we went to another area of the park, next to the restrooms. This might be a temporary location until we find another place. 

At 11:30pm, I returned home and ate my lunch. Yesterday, I had received notification on my iPhone that there will be a free screening at the Regal IMAX theater. So, I decided to go check it out for the 2 pm showing. 

When I entered the IMAX theater, I was served a sample of their coconut cream with peach flavor. It was good, sweet, and icy slushy, perfect drink for summertime. One of the clerk told me that the free screening for the movie, In the Heights, is completely full. But I could have bought a ticket. I wasn’t interested because I didn’t really know anything about the movie. So, I left. I walked around in the outdoor mall, browsing inside many stores and enjoying the spring breeze. The mall was crowded and busy, and many people were wearing masks, even though it is an outdoor mall. 

There was a summertime posing wall. I didn’t feel like posing in this summer scene, but it is cute.

By 1:30pm, I drove back home. 


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