Here's What Our Favorite Disney Characters' Vacations Might Look Like

With fall break right around the corner, vacations are on all of our minds. Whether you’re planning on going to the tropics or taking a trip up north, you’re probably counting down the days until you can take time off school and forget about all responsibilities.

Along with every good trip comes the endless photos and filters to make for the perfect Instagram feed. No matter how much you may claim that you’re not obsessed with your social media, there’s something so satisfying in posting flawless photos to make all of your followers jealous.

There’s no shame in travel instas, we all do it. In fact, even fictional characters would do it if they had their own social media accounts. recently released illustrations of what several different Disney characters’ Instagrams would look like if they were on vacation, and it’s a genius work of art that’s sure to take you straight back to your childhood.

Olaf the snowman from Frozen is depicted vacationing in Barbados enjoying the heat of the summer next to a hefty ice cube for protection from melting. Goofy and his son Max are shown living it up at Coachella music festival together. Ariel from the Little Mermaid is caught exploring a new part of our world at the top of Yellowstone falls.

Out of all of the vacations shown, I think the one I’d most like to go on is Mickey and Minnie in a very predictable location in Orlando, Florida. The two mice are shown vacationing in the happiest place on earth, Walt Disney World. Though I’m not sure if it counts as a vacation if you’re the main star of the location…

Either way, if Disney characters can flaunt their lavish vacations – so can you. This is an open invitation to do the most this travel season and go all out for the gram. Even if you’re not jet setting to Barbados or Yellowstone, take some pics in your backyard to remind everyone of how much you’re thriving!

Sure it may be a little annoying to scroll through dozens of filtered beachside photos for a week, but some people are generally interested in where you are and what you’re doing. If nothing else, getting all of those likes and comments will be a major boost to your ego.


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