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Saturday, 10.5.19

Saturday, October 5, 2019

I decided to check out this video, which is a psychic channeling Heath Ledger. He had issues with his father. But he came through soft and sweet aura, but he is aggressive. He is concerned with his daughter, who he had with Michelle Williams. He felt Michelle betrayed him.

He was experienced with time travel and other weird chemicals stuff that the elites are into, which I think is the same thing that Michael Jackson was experimenting with. He was doing something that has to do with inhaling with mask to put him outside of his body to conjure up characters or spirits from other side, which makes sense because other celebrities do same things for their roles.

He worked with a producer who was a backstabber.

On the day he died, the massage by his trainer, who was giving him a chemical substance for his spiritual travels. The entity brought him to live to help him perform his Joker role. He his wearing a mask with chemical medication, as he lies on the massage table. He was being watched by others, who were taking notes. He started to do this at the age of 21 in order to became a star. The Illuminati presented to him to help him became a big star. She mentions some of these people were crazy, and he stopped trusting them. They were trying to control him, and he wanted out. He was not getting along with Michelle Williams at the time, but he had a daughter with her who actually looked exactly like him.

The masseuse was like a magician, pushing him over to the other side. But it didn’t work, and he got pulled out. He was tricked into it and he lost his breath. He was pulled across on the bridge to the other side. He couldn’t return into his physical body. He was freaking out because he couldn’t return to earth.  The energy in his Joker movie had a lot of subliminal MK-Ultra message to control the viewers he watched the movie. (I never saw that movie because I thought the previews were weird).

Olsen twins are like “trolls with fangs, “and one of the twins was involved in his death, which I think was Mary Kate because she was the one called when he died. It is a satanic Illuminati ritual. Mary Kate went their right away to remove the technical stuff to clean the place. A producer knew about all this, and they did it to focus people’s energy on the movie. He didn’t know he was going to die, but the others involved knew he will die. It is obvious that it was an Illuminati sacrifice. It was a “power” trick to harness an energy.

He loved his daughter, and he watches over her.

Heath Ledger Part 2 Channel Video

He was introduced into mystical stuff from a guru. He watched people go to altered state. He got hooked on it.

The subject matters of his movie became darker and darker, and many wealthy people are doing this, such as elites, Illuminati, and media people to control the public and make a lot money. The energy from other side is very powerful. They are trying to pull in that energy, and they have powerful magnetism on earth to get more done. (That is probably why I never got into his movies…I thought they were too weird and dark).

When he stepped out of his body, a lot of promises were made to him on the other side. He death or murder was chemically-altered, which isn’t of public use. It is probably what those elites use.

Fake marijuana creates a portal into demonic entity. It is made in a laboratory to shut the body down, which is like paralysis. He was doing it for a while because it was making him feel good. He needed to be fed by the public in order to succeed in his career. He was being tricked, and he couldn’t get out because they were binding his energy. He had to do what he was told. He was like a puppet on strings for his career—Illuminati puppet, like many other celebrities to promote dark stuff to the public.

It sounds like he was under MK-Ultra mind control experiments to control his mind and body to do certain things for the Zionist industry. It was an Illuminati sacrifice, and he needed to pay them back. They had tricked him into doing lots of things.

This information makes sense, although I am not familiar with the weird details. But I have heard of other celebrities doing similar thing because it is a part of the MK-Ultra career for money, fame, power, and prestige to control the public as Illiminati Puppets.

What do you think?

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Written by Fifi Leigh

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