Hawaii Five-0 – Nalowale

“Nalowale” is episode five of season one of Hawaii Five-0.

A boat doing an underwater tour of Waikiki Bay finds a dead girl in the water. McGarrett and Danny – he doesn’t like being called Danno by McGarrett – get called in on their day off by the governor, even though the case is outside their jurisdiction.

The dead girl was a daughter of a friend of the governor, the U.S. ambassador to the Philippines. There were two girls, though, and the second one is still missing. Although they manage to track down a sex trafficking ring, it looks like their kidnap was for something entirely different.

A new character is introduced, Dr. Max Bergman, the medical examiner, played by Masi Oka, possibly best known for playing Hiro in Heroes.

This episode’s name means “Forgotten/Missing”.


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