Hawaii Five-0 – Malama Ka Aina

Whilst the team is watching an American football game – along with Danny’s daughter, Grace – a gunfight breaks out between a Triad and a, or maybe the, Samoan gang. Danny’s ex-wife is less than pleased about their daughter being in danger, and Chin recognises one of the Samoans, who he lets get away.

It turns out the Samoan, who Chin arrests later, is a cousin to both him and Kono. He also used to be a policeman but, it turns out, he still is, and is working undercover. Because of Chin’s presumed acceptance of a bribe – which the entire force believes – his cousin is less than happy with him, as he is having to do the worst jobs around.

The Samoans and the Triad have been at peace for years, but there has been much recent trouble.

The name of this episode means “Respect the Land” in Hawaiian.


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