Hawaii Five-0 – Mai Ka Wa Kahico

“Mai Ka Wa Kahico” is episode fifteen of season two of Hawaii Five-0 and, on a flight in to Honolulu, a man is escorting a prisoner when he leaves him and goes to the toilet. When the flight attendant arrives at the seat, the prisoner is missing. In the toilet, the man escorting him is dead.

The dead man is a U.S. Marshal, and one that was a friend of Danny’s. The escaped prisoner is missing – quite a trick on an aeroplane that was in the air. Then, another passenger is missing. It turns out that both of the missing men got out through the baggage compartment after the plane landed. Then it turns out that the prisoner’s apparent accomplice isn’t the man he was pretending to be. The prisoner was being extradited back to Hawaii where he had hit a number of high stakes poker games.

The missing prisoner is captured quite quickly, but not the other man. The escapee says that he had never met the man who helped him escape before. The dead marshal had been trying to contact Danny before he was killed, and it turns out that the missing man has surveillance pictures of Danny, Grace, Rachel and Stan. Then Grace is taken – the missing man is someone that Danny used to know as well, a former police officer who bears a grudge against Danny. With Danny having to go off on his own to stop Grace from being killed, the others have to try and find them both. This is all about revenge.

This episode’s name means “Out of the Past”.


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