Hawaii Five-0 – La O Na Makuahine

“La O Na Makuahine” is episode one of season three of Hawaii Five-0. In the season two finale, “Ua Hala”, Chin had been forced to release Frank Delano after both his wife, Malia, and Kono had been kidnapped. Delano told Chin he only had time to save one. Chin had rushed home to save Malia, finding she had been shot, and Delano ordered a bound and gagged Kono be dumped in the ocean. In Japan, Joe had taken McGarrett to meet Shelbourne. Steve had knocked on the door and recognised Shelbourne. As his mother. His supposedly long-dead mother.

The paramedics arrive at Chin’s; Malia is not in good shape and they lose her pulse. Kono is pulled to the surface and taken out of the water – by Adam. She’s not breathing either. Adam manages to revive Kono, but Malia is gone.

In Japan, McGarrett’s mother, Doris, tells him she knows he will have a lot of questions. An understatement. Shelbourne is the codename the agency gave her. Before she met Steve’s father, she worked for an intelligence programme reporting directly to the Pentagon. Yes, she was a spy. Being a schoolteacher was a cover; Steve and Mary were not. It was a little more complicated, but yes, she was ordered to kill Wo Fat’s father. Doris left to become a mother. She was able to change her name, but not her past.

Yes, Doris is the name she was born with and the one she changed back to. Wo Fat was after the person who killed his father and would kill anyone in his way. Doris faked her death to protect her family. McGarrett isn’t pleased, because his father sent him and his sister away to protect them and looked for Doris’s killer. She didn’t tell him so Wo Fat wouldn’t kill him. Which, Steve points out, he did anyway. Doris doesn’t want him to forgive her, just to understand. McGarrett tells her they are going home. Wo Fat is being transferred to a supermax on the mainland today.

Wo Fat is being escorted out of prison by a lot of armed guards. He’s put in the back of a truck which sets off with an escort of four police cars. Which is probably not going to be enough. And it isn’t. The truck is picked up off the highway by a heavy lift helicopter, then dumped in the ocean. Which doesn’t seem like much of a rescue. However, it is approached underwater, the door is cut open, the guards are spear gunned and Wo Fat is given a mouthpiece and taken to the surface. He is taken onboard a freighter and Frank Delano introduces himself.

McGarrett and Doris arrive in Hawaii and are greeted by Danny and a lot of cops. Danny thought Steve was bringing Shelbourne back. This is Shelbourne. Doris tells Danny to call her mom; someone should. Whose mothers? McGarrett’s. Danny thinks for a woman who died in a car bomb 20 years ago, Doris looks remarkedly well put together. Doris takes that as a complement. The cops are here for Shelbourne. Because Wo Fat escaped. McGarrett wants Danny to call Chin and Kono. There’s something else he needs to know.

Chin is with Malia’s body when Kono arrives. She goes to speak to him, and McGarrett, Danny and Doris arrive shortly after. Chin didn’t call because Delano was monitoring the lines; if he had, both Malia and Kono would have been killed immediately. Chin wants Delano.

McGarrett is on the phone with the governor in the car and Doris speaks to Danny. Then starts analysing his personal life. Danny isn’t sure she should really be handing out parenting advice. Doris thinks Danny is scared of commitment. The plan, according to McGarrett, is to find Wo Fat and Delano. Which has the benefit of simplicity to it. McGarrett wants to put Doris somewhere safe. She doesn’t want that, but Steve gets his way. And calls Katherine to help look after her. He’s leaving in his truck when Chin contacts him. They found Delano and Wo Fat on security footage. They are presumably working together, but there was nothing to show they knew each other prior to this.

Which is because they didn’t. Delano tells Wo Fat he is going to come into possession of a very large amount of certain controlled substances. But currently lacks the resources to unload it. He needs Wo Fat’s connections. What’s in it for Wo Fat? Well, originally Delano was going to give him a large amount of green paper. But he recently came into some information that is more valuable. He knows where the person who killed Wo Fat’s father is. And that they are on the island. No, he isn’t lying on this. So, do they have a deal? They do.

Wo Fat is after Doris – and Doris still hasn’t told everything, nor does she – and Delano is after a big score. Five-0 is trying to find him as well. His clearly up to something. Danny is dealing with Rachel wanting to take Grace to Las Vegas and Chin is feeling guilty about picking Malia over Kono. Even though he called Adam to help her.

This episode’s name means “Mother’s Day”.


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