Gym Workout 9.10.21

Friday, 9.10.21

This morning, my gym workout included 45 minutes of Zumba class as well as treadmill walking. On the treadmill, I walked the Grand Canyon, Arizona trail, which was steep. The inclination went up to 11 or 12, and my speed was 4 or 4.1. In 37 minutes, I walked 2.48 hilly and rocky miles, burning 491 calories. I sat for a while in the steam room and sauna to relax, before I drove back home on a warm September day. 

I dropped by the shoe repair to pick up and pay for my UGGs clog repair. Like the other two pairs of shoes, the clog heels were falling apart. They look good now. I hope it is sturdy. I cannot believe that the same issues happened to 3 pairs of my shoes. Maybe it is the way I am walking or my feet issues.

I returned home a drank water while relaxing in front of my computer. Then, I made my bowl of salad, which includes leafy greens, assortment or raw nuts and seeds, chopped veggies, some berries, and some spices. 

I added some snapshots of some Grand Canyon, Arizona hiking trails from the Internet. 

I will probably go to the Woodbridge walking meetup this evening at 6 pm, which is another 5 miles of sidewalk trail walk at a residential community.


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