Great Expections (1998) Weird Scenes Analyzed

Thursday, October 17, 2019

While doing stuff at home, I decide to watch the movie, Great Expectation, on the indie channel. This movie is an adaptation of the Charles Dickens novel, but it has been changed and modernized to the 1980s-1990s. It stars Gwyneth Paltrow, Ethan Hawke, Robert DeNiro, Hank Azaria, Anne Bancroft, and other actors.

I have only read the first chapter of the actual novel by Charles Dickens. So, I remember it very different, even with only the first chapter. I need to finish the whole classic novel.

But this adaptation seems to be filled with a lot of corruptions.

In the beginning of the movie, poor Finn stumbled upon an escaped convict in his orange jumpsuit and ball and chains, swimming in the ocean. He approaches Finn, and assaults him for food and needed items to help him be a free man. Petrified Finn agrees to his demand, and that night, Finn gathers some items inside his home, which he lives with his skanky sister and her boyfriend, and takes food, liquor, and other items as requested. The ex-convict is eternally thankful.

They jump into a boat because they hear helicopter and spotlights over them, seeking this convict. The convict hides underwater, behind the boat, while Finn tells the authorities in a ship passing by that he is alone and he has never seen this convict. Finn protects this criminal again.

At another time, Finn goes with his sister’s boyfriend to a wealthy woman’s home to do some work on her property. The woman is old, lonely, and isn’t able to move on since the day she was jilted at the altar. She now lives by herself, taking care of her young niece and her cats. Finn asks her why one of her cats is so big. She answers that she feeds it with other cats. I thought that was sick and disturbing. Who would do that?

The niece appears to be frigid and cold because the old lady had scared her off men so she wouldn’t live a life like hers. But the young girl eventually warms up to Finn, after the old lady hires him for entertainment purposes. That is like a young escort? The girl grows to like him, but she sees him as beneath her because Finn is poor. So, the young girl grows up to marry a wealthy man and has a daughter with him.

Finn moves to NYC to pursue his art at galleries. Eventually, his artwork is sold, which makes Finn rich. He goes after Estelle to tell her that he is now rich like her, and he wants her. They appear to have an affair.

At the end, it is revealed that the ex-convict had bought all of Finn’s artwork to pay him back for helping him escape and be a free man. This isn’t different how celebrities become rich and famous in the hands of the criminal and filthy Zionist media. The criminal dies in the arms of Finn, inside a subway train, while authorities are hunting down the criminal. Therefore, Finn realizes he had become rich via lies and a escaped criminal with lots of stolen money.

Meanwhile, the old lady dies alone in her unkempt villa, where her rotting body was found. The old villa was later demolished.

It is interesting that Robert DeNiro is in this movie because it was currently revealed that he is involved in a pedophilia ring.


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