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5 Strangest Laws and Customs in the World

Get to know the funniest laws and customs around the world. You will be surprised what kind of law and regulations exist!

#1 Singapore Chewing Gum ban

Yes, there's a ban for chewing gums in Singapore, this is not a joke. The government of Singapore doesn't have a problem with chewing gums' brands, but with the disposal of chewing gum. Singapore is making a lot of effort to be a clean city, so we support them in their goal. Under the rule, no gum is allowed to be bought or sold inside Singapore and there is a $1000 fine for spitting out gum on the streets.

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#2 Noisy footwear ban in Capri, Italy

Italian locals are known for being intolerant to the noise of their tourist visitors, so the local government in Capri decided to take the first step for preserving the peace and quiet. Banning noisy footwear (heels, flip- flops) seems perfectly logical thing to do. Venetians have done something similar, by banning the loud luggage and suitcases with plastic rollers.

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#3 Dying Prohibited in London

Official London decided to pass a law that banes people to die in the Houses of Parliament. As bizarre as it sounds, this is true. The reason for passing this type of law lies in the fact that any person that dies in the Houses of Parliament, is entitled to a state funeral.

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#4 Singing ban in Hawaii

Hawaii is a lovely holiday destination. Little did we know that in state's capital, Honolulu, singing after sunset is illegal! Be careful if you're a passionate opera singer under the shower or a karaoke lover!

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#5 Walking the dog in Torino, Italy

Italy again, this time passes a law for the well- being of pet dogs. Namely, it is prohibited in Torino not to walk your dog at least three times a day. Nice one, and very healthy for the dogs as well as the dog owners.

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