Full Supermoon in Libra Insights 3.28.21

Sunday, March 28, 2021

Fake Instagrams pretending to be Sloan Bella. Scammers trying to steal money from other people. A financial company has the same name, Bella Sloan Enterprises.

Today is Palm Sunday and Passover.

March 28 is a full moon, supermoon in Libra. There might be some arguments about something, which isn’t surprising during this time. Aries, Capricorn, Cancer and Libra will be most affected by this moon. It will bring about past relationship wounds or relationship issues from the past. It will affect you 3 days before or 3 days after. My moon is in Capricorn, which means I will likely be affected in some way. You will be either drained or active from this full supermoon.

NIKES’ new sneakers have 666 on it to promote satanism. Lil Nas X has sold his soul to Satan with NIKES shoe collaboration. It is black with 1/666 and Luke 10:18 in red on the side. And a gold satanic pentagram on the shoe-lace area. He poses with this shoe by covering his right eye with the shoe, and he appears to be wearing a yellow animal-eye contact lens on his left eye. (left eye symbolizes Satan’s eye). He dyed the top of his short afro in a red color. And, he is wearing black fingernail polish on his short fingernails. And, I heard that most of his fans are kids, which is why I have never heard of him before.

Luke 10:18 is “He replied, ‘I saw Satan fall like lightning from heaven’”.

NIKES Satanic Sneakers with Lil NasX Promo Ad

There are celebrity clones?

Ryan Seacrest is gay.

The world appears to be going to hell in this Spiritual War.

Santeria is a cult for Hispanics. I think Jennifer Lopez practices it.

Elites change the frequencies around us to control us?

Actual dreaming vs astral travel?

Idiots who wear a mask while they drive a car? WTF, especially if they are alone in the car!


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