Full Moon on 1.28.21 Insights

Sunday, January 24, 2021

If the full moon is in Leo, then Leos will get all kinds of crap this month. The full moon is on January 28th, which is a Thursday. Crazy things will likely happen. (I cannot deal with that because mercury retrograde in past full moons messed with my mind too much and created a big mess for me}.

Retrograde is when all the planets are moving forward. Mercury Retrograde gives spiritual insights? Take a step back and perceive what is ahead of us in a different way. The way we think will go backwards. It retraces its steps. Observe everything ahead with detachment.

Empath has been born to transmute negative energy on psychic level to certain people. They mirror negative energy from people. They take it in and throw it back out. There is telepathic healing in the process.


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