Full Moon 1.28.21 Insights

Wednesday, 1.27.21

Today was an active day. After my usual morning routine, I decided to go to the Costa Mesa Metro 24 Hour Fitness gym to workout, although the gym is outdoors now. When I drove out, it was quiet that it felt like a Sunday. When I arrived, which is around 5 miles, I noticed lots of construction. (There appears to be construction everywhere these days). I was confused on where to drive because it was such a mess, but there were men standing at different areas giving instruction. So, I slowly followed the construction, orange-coned chaos maze streets towards the 24 Hour Fitness Sport building. I wasn’t sure where to park, but someone in the parking structure instructed me where to go. So, I parked, entered the building to sign in with my telephone number, and then I went outside, following blue taped arrows on the ground,  to the adjacent parking structure, climbed up some stairs a couple of levels until I noticed gym equipment on one level. 

I walked on an interesting treadmill. It doesn’t have power. Maybe it is powered by one’s own feet. I walked on it for a while but I got tired within 5 minutes. So, I decided to go on the stationary bicycle for an hour. I rode for 8.86 miles, burning 145 calories. Then, I worked on floor exercises, mostly with cylinder roller and large ball. By 1 pm, I decided to go home. It was interesting. When I went back to the front desk, I soon noticed that I needed a white parking ticket that I never got because the gates were open when I drove in. It wasn’t a problem. I drove out the other way. As I drove home, I noticed traffic. The sun also came out.

After eating lunch at home. I decided to go for a walk to Albertsons because the sun looked nice, although the weather still felt cold. I ended up walking 2.8 miles today. 

Then, at 5pm, I checked out a UC Irvine Zoom event about startups. 

#1 Full Leo my people πŸŒ™ Moon πŸ’•βœŒοΈπŸ˜πŸŒŸ

Wednesday, January 27, 2021

Full Moon in Leo on Thursday, January 28th.

Obsidian with golden sheen

Shungite protects from psychic attacks. Also, kills bacteria and viruses, purifies water, reduces oxidative stress and inflammation, improves physical ailments, relieves stress, and shields EMF emissions.

Anal swabbing has to do with their rituals. I recently received a β€œDIY home kit” to test my shit and then mail it to a lab. I got it in the mail through Oscar Health. I thought about it, and I don’t understand why they want me to do it because I am afraid that they will use the samples for something else and make up a disease I don’t have, claiming that I have it or something like that. I decided not to do it because it sounds creepy.

#2 Part 2

Wednesday, January 27, 2021

Full Moon in Leo on Thursday Part 2 of 1.27.21 Insights

Freedom of Speech Censorship continues in society.

Canadian William Shatner’s 3rd wife just died. She supposed died of drowning and neck trauma, and she has bruises on her body. Suicidal? Blood sacrifice? Who know what really happened?

Deep State are opening everything after Biden gets into office.  But lockdown and 8 pm curfew in Toronto Canada?

Cloris Leachman died today January 27, 2021 at 94. She died at her house in Encinitas, California.

Someone stated that Pelosi and Pence were arrested on January 6th, but I don’t know if that is true.

Everything might be opening up on Friday, January 29th.

Brandy Vaughan died at 45 in December 2020. She was founder of Anti-Vaccination Group, trying to expose the truth.

2 of the police at the January 6th Washington DC riot just died, which was announced as suicides.

Leo full moon on Thursday, January 28th in Leo. Square in Mars and Jupiter. On Friday, there will be Mercury Retrograde, in which things will go crazy. Beware and be careful in your plans.

The Zionist-occupied government is fucking up the people toward slavery in a totalitarian New World Order society.The Zionist Mainstream Media United into One isn’t positive. It has to do with the New World Order agenda and excepting their One World Order as their slaves. These are the same people who provoke divisions so that people fight each other and kill each other.


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