Friday 13th Puzzle? Can You Figure It Out?

Friday the 13th, 8.13.21

I woke up in the morning with an interesting dream. I don’t remember the dream, I just remember the dream had a puzzle that it wanted me to solve.  I just remember these letters, “MND DNNR DNN” toward the end of the dream, and they got my attention because I like puzzles and I wanted to solve it. I just wasn’t expecting to work on a puzzle in a dream. So, I kept thinking about these letters until I woke up, and I continued to think about it during the morning, as I tried to decipher the letter arrangement. The only think I got out of it was: MONDAY DINNER DINING. So, now, I will wait for this Monday to see if there is anything that has to do with a dinner or dining. I checked my calendar, and I don’t have anything scheduled on Monday. I might get something last minute. I wonder who sent me this puzzle from the other side, and what they are trying to tell me. 

After going to Trader Joe’s for this week’s groceries, I returned home to get ready for the evening walking meetup. 7 people showed up and the weather was nice that it didn’t feel like August weather. There was an outdoor concert picnic at the park. I walked 5.1 miles and 11,922 steps. 


What do you think?

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