Fooled Again


When Bill Cosby first came to public attention as a comedian, everyone loved him.  He didn’t talk about race or politics, he spoke about Fat Albert and Noah, and everything was child friendly.   He seemed a wonderful man.

He got a role in I Spy became the first Black Actor to play such a role and won Emmy after Emmy.  

He went into his own shows, becoming America’s Dad.  Kids loved him, wishing he was their father.

The first peek into what he is came when a woman sued him for paternity of her daughter in 1997.  

Here was a married man with a pile of kids, a married man about which we never heard the slightest rumour being sued for paternity.

That is when I stepped back.

Most people didn’t step away until he was charged for a pile of sexual abuse cases.  Until it came out how he drugged women and raped them.  

And then, finally, went to prison.


Whitney Houston was the ‘Preacher’s Daughter’  we thought she was such a lady.  So decent.  Her music, her roles in movies all suggested her ‘quality’.

When I learned she married a particular rapper I stepped back.  He went to prison.  When he  was released and she ran into his arms, jumped on him, wrapping her legs around his waist, I knew what she was.

I was not surprised she died of a drug overdose, because everything about her was a fraud. She created her persona to fool the public.


It wasn’t until Will Smith walked up on that stage and slapped Chris Rock live, on camera, during the Academy Awards  that the world knew he was a twisted foul mouthed bully who would step on those smaller and weaker.

I’m sure more will come out to expose exactly what he is, but I think the world knows without the details.

And we have to wonder, are we so gullible or are they such excellent actors?


What do you think?

Written by jaylar

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