Filling Up My Calendar Again…

Monday, June 8, 2020

Today is laundry day, in which I need to do two loads. Meanwhile, I filled up my June calendar page with meetups, mostly walking meetups, outdoors yoga meetup, and one artist meetup at a coffee shop, as well as virtual hike meetup, in which I take my iPhone wherever I go that day and take couple of interesting snapshots.

My other calendar has some appointments.

The 24 Hours Fitness Gyms are still closed. So, I now plan an outdoor workout via walking, hiking and yoga meetups, as well as riding my Huffy on my own time. I sometimes stretch at home with Youtube videos.

I noticed that the Improv Comedy Club in Irvine Spectrum Center has reopened, but I didn’t feel like joining it this month. I might join it in July. This month, I mostly want to do outdoor workouts. I might go to the Irvine Spectrum Center on a free day just to walk around in the outdoor mall to see what has reopened. So far, I know Improv Club and Barnes & Noble have reopened.

Therefore, I am going to start waking up early again in order to stay busy all day, from Yoga morning meetups to evening walking meetups, as well as other meetups and my own adventures. 


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