FBI orders to investigate allegations on judge Kavanugh

US President Donald Trump has ordered Federal Investigation Agency (FBI) that FBI should investigate the allegations against the Supreme Court nominated judge Brett Kavanugh. President Trump has given this order on the request of US Senate Republican members. The investigation will be completed in a week and the verdict of the Senate on  judge’s Kavanugh nomination has been postponed until their report comes.

The White House has issued a statement on behalf of  Judge Kavanugh in which he said he would cooperate with the “FBI” in the investigation.  The Kavanaugh accuser Professor Ford’s, Lawyer Debra Kates, who has ,welcomed the investigation of the case ‘FBI’ and thanked the senators who made it possible. but the lawyer express the reservation on a week period for completion of the FBI Investigation in this case and said detailed investigations of the matter are necessary to bring all relevant evidence.

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Prior to verifying the judge’s Kavanugh nomination, the FBI investigation was demanded by state Arizona, Republican Senator Jeff Flake, who was also a member of the Senate Judiciary Committee. Senator Flake said he was verifying Bett Kavanugh nomination on this condition at Friday’s in Judicial Committee meeting, that before the vote for his verdict in the Senate, the “FBI” should investigate allegations in seven days. All the Democrat members of the committee opposed Kavanugh when all the Republicans voted in support.

53 -year-old Justice Brett Kavanugh is the judge of the Court of Appeal of Washington DC, who was nominated as the Supreme Court judge after the retirement of the Supreme Court Judge Anthony Kennedy.


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