Exposing Ellen and Judge Salas

Wednesday, August 5, 2020

This youtuber talks exposes Ellen’s behavior towards her employees. She created a toxic culture since 2003. They describe her as a toxic, two-faced, hypocrite, who always lies. One of her homosexual employees goes out to find straight interns and he harasses. No one on the show can do anything about it.

Judge Esther Salas talks about what happened at her house, when a man, dressed up as a Fedex worker, rang the doorbell with a package, and shot her husband, but was intercepted by her son Daniel who died to save his father. Her son died, but her husband was just injured. Judge Salas was in the basement at the time, and her son Daniel had run upstairs when he heard the doorbell.

It also makes sense what he is saying that this incidence might be sketchy because it appears to be politically-planned so she can discuss making certain laws for controlling society, with all the other control methods already being pushed on society.

Epstein Case continues with new documents that will force Prince Andrew to expose more names. There is new witness willing to talk, if Ghislaine and Prince Andrew refuse to cooperate.


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