Event Planning Tips

Event planning tips can help you successfully plan an event of any size. From personal engagements such as weddings or birthdays to corporate or company functions and business seminars, we can help you with the strategies needed to successfully plan an event.While each event is different, there are a few common denominators that you can focus on to make your event planning a breeze. Check out these simple and easy tips to begin planning your next important event.

Advance Planning Stage

This is the brainstorming and rough planning stage for a future event. With any luck, you will be starting this stage several months before and maybe more depending on the event you are planning. Event planning tips to guide you through this stage include:

  • Understand the goals or purpose of the event
  • Estimate the number of people that will be attending
  • Set a budget for the event in line with your goals for the event. For example, your goals maybe anything from providing a meal to presenting a public speaker
  • Set any themes for the event
  • Once you have completed some brainstorming and come up with some estimates and ideas about your event, it’s a good idea to complete the initial stage by creating an event planning timeline. Your timeline should include task deadlines such as:
  • Securing an appropriate venue
  • Announcing the event with details
  • Distributing any necessary promotional material/invites
  • Organizing accommodation
  • Organizing any catering
  • Selecting entertainment and audiovisual equipment
  • Decorating and lighting equipment
  • Organizing transport or any other incidentals

Venue Organisation

Apart from setting a budget, this is one of the most crucial, pivotal factors for an event. Your food, entertainment and decorations will often revolve around the venue you choose for an event. Your venue could be anything from your own backyard for a personal event to a major park or function center for a large corporate event.Make sure you are aware of what is included in the venue hire and budget accordingly. Does the venue have its own staff, who is responsible for cleaning and are there any other inclusions or additions you need to account for? On top of this, here are some further event planning tips to help you consider the right venue include:

  • Venue capacity – make sure there is enough room for any entertainment equipment, catering services etc.
  • Lighting and fixtures – Is there adequate lighting for your intended event purpose and other facilities, such as a stage. If not, you will have to readjust your budget accordingly to provide these potential extras
  • Electrical supply and acoustics – Not such an issue for smaller events but imperative for large ones. Make sure the venue can support the higher electrical use and has the necessary acoustic requirements for speakers/entertainment
  • Internet access – Will guests or event management need phone lines and internet access?
  • Accommodation/facilities – If people are traveling for your event, is accommodation, transport or any other facilities convenient, and if not make sure you plan accordingly.

Event Catering

Selecting event catering is another crucial element in most events. Your venue should support any catering options whether it is a three-course meal or snack food. If you are not planning on providing catering, make sure that guests are aware and that there are food alternatives available where necessary.When choosing event catering and gathering quotes, make sure you account for:

  • Cutlery and plates
  • Table decorations and seating arrangements
  • Napkins
  • Cups
  • Waitstaff
  • Cleaning
  • Bar staff
  • Special dietary requests

Event Entertainment

Event entertainment is often very specific to the individual occasion. For some people, it is as simple as organizing a music playlist and audio equipment, and others will need live entertainment, public speakers or celebrity engagements. To ensure the success of your event entertainment, follow these tips:

  • Secure any talent in advance with a contract
  • Make sure acoustic requirements for the venue are met
  • Book any audiovisual equipment
  • Plan a clear agenda
  • Consider any VIPs or sponsors
  • Confirm any requirements from speakers or entertainers
  • Make plans for wet weather if necessary

Event Design, Decoration and Other Items

This is especially important for any themed events, but most every event will require some level of design and decoration. From table settings to any pamphlets or informative material, logos and promotional items, you will need to plan ahead and decide what your event will include.To enhance the success of your event:

  • Try to add value for your guests with a memento or keepsake
  • For company events, utilize the opportunity for cross-promotion, advertising or sponsorship
  • Gather quotes for different suppliers and materials
  • Utilise any venue-provided decoration
  • Obtain any permits you need for the event

Event Registration and Financial Management

For most events, some form of registration or RSVP is necessary. Make sure you have a clear system of organizing your attendees and any requests they require. If the event has an entry fee, make sure you have appropriate financial management and auditing.

Pre-Event Checklist

When the event is looming, all your plans should be in place. However, you may still have a few loose ends to tie up, and it’s a good idea to call a week in advance and confirm any booking, orders or related organizational factors. Confirm the number of guests, and double-check any delivery times.For corporate events, make sure you organize any media coverage and make sure the agenda is clear and everyone working to make the event happen knows their roles.

We hope these event planning tips help guide you through planning your next major event. Remember, there are professionals that can assist you with almost every process throughout the event, so use them to ensure the success of your event. Search for related businesses today on

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