Evening Walking Meetup 9.10.21

Friday, 9.10.21

This evening, I went to the usual Woodbridge walking meetup at 6 pm. 8 people showed up. The weather was nice. I walked 5.6 miles, 12,076 steps and 3 floors.

During the walk, I noticed someone’s iphone laying around outside. I didn’t know where I should turn it in. So, I left it, hoping the person who lost it wil come back for it soon. At the end of tonight’s walk, the iphone wasn’t there anymore at the location where I first saw it. Hopefully, the person who lost it had returned to this spot and found it.

Toward the end of the walk, I did notice a nice sunset. 

Earlier in the walk, I did noticed a sign to RECALL NEWSOM.

My found object during the walk is this Hello Kitty keychain decor from Las Vegas with letter D. I used to have Hello Kitty small items during high school. 


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