Eren's Challenge, E030, Part four, Blue Bottle Donkey

Eren’s Challenge

Written by Kenneth Shumaker

Episode 030 Part four, Blue Bottle Donkey

With InUPress

Written on July 3, 2018


Part one published on Virily on July 17, 2018.

Part two published on Virily on July 24, 2018.

Part three published on Virily on July 31, 2018.

Part four published on Virily on August 7, 2018.

We now continue with Eren’s Challenge episode 030 part four, ‘Blue Bottle Donkey,’ on …

Trondel 30 RD 78

She frowns as only these freaks can. I grimace in an automatic fear reaction, but as my stomach automatically churns, I control it. “Let’s play them. I have Havar’s infiltration list. The list with his people lodged into all three organizations and I know the five gnolls he has settled into yours. One is already deceased. She died trying to frame me trying to break into your office. Fortunately, I had a friendly witness from your staff.”

She nods in a short, curt manner, and answers, “I’m aware of that incident, we talked.”

I whisper, “kill Loren in a rage which I’m going to instigate. But be quick and savage!”

She turns to look into my eyes, and then replies, “I may have underestimated you, Amin!”

I reach up and jostle her shoulder.

She starts to grin but then stops.

We turn and return to the group.

I look directly at Loren with the grimmest expression I can muster. With my eyes narrow, brow tight, lips firm and ruler straight, I say, “I have Havar’s Blue Bottle Donkey list. It’s his list of infiltrators into all the organizations which he keeps. It’s odd … the name that comes up as chief manager of the patrons of that club. You know who it is, Loren.”

“FUCK!” Is all he says, before Angel springs on him biting his throat, tearing him wide open, killing him instantly.

I look at the other three as Angel drops Loren’s limp body into the middle of the living room floor.

I look at each of the remaining four contesting beings in turn. “Just so you know. I will offer each of you the names of Havar’s people who have infiltrated into your particular organization if you can all arrive at an agreement today.”

Angel sits back on the floor, cross-legged, eating from Loren’s leg which she has ripped-off his corpse and has removed his clothing.

The three remaining Black Circle stare at her, their faces as white as white bed sheets.

The four contestants simply nod.

For five hours we negotiate peace treaties between the two organization. Including filling Loren’s position with a top-ranking gnoll bull from Friends organization. In exchange placing a Black Circle lieutenant to stand in, in Angel’s corp – in her office.

Both sides receive their appropriate Blue Bottle Donkey list from me. We then spend two more hours discussing how to attend to the issues of these people. Our discussion coming to agreements on resolutions and a resolution to the Blue Bottle Donkey as well. Also, we come up with a plan for dealing with Havar.

Havar, it seems, falls to me. While the rogue team members of each of the four leaders will be dealt with by each leader – quietly.

The Blue Bottle Donkey will stay in place – for now!

My staff drives each member back to their desired location with a group agreement never to use the Red Rundle for meetings again.

As we’re leaving, Angel asks me if she can visit my house sometime.

This floors me as Angel doesn’t generally socialize with humans.

True there are two gnolls living in my house!

This ends Eren’s Challenge episode 030, ‘Blue Bottle Donkey,’ written by, Kenneth Shumaker.

May the words stay with you!

To be continued in the next Eren’s Challenge episode 031, ‘Red Robin Bag,’ …

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