Energetic Reading on Sinead O'Connor, 1966 – 2023

Sunday, July 30, 2023

Sinead Marie Bernadette O’Connor, born on 12.8.66 in Dublin, Ireland, and died in July 2023. She was mostly known for sing the song, Nothing Compares 2 U. She was a protest singer, songwriter, political activist, and mother of four kids. She was married four times.

She was an abused child, abused by her mother, and she wanted to expose the truth.

There was a struggle at the time that she died, in which she was struggling with something in her life, such as alcohol.

She didn’t want to “participate in the elite role that her family had planned for her.” She was born in elite family lineage and breeding which involved ritualistic circumstances to groom her for a group or something. She wanted to break the cycle of generational trauma, abuse, and grooming, and she was often tortured. She had a soul purpose, and she was often blocked. She was an Empath. She challenged other’s belief system. She was systemically abused by her mother. Her personality was split in multiple people.

She often spoke up about the evil in the Catholic Church and Pope because of pedophilia, since 1990.

Her son Shane died at 17, last year, after he escaped a mental institution, and later he was found dead.

She was psychically being attacked from astral level via spiritual attack.

She had fragmented mind, but she was a strong woman. It isn’t like she committed suicide. She was dealing with an energetic spiritual war. She will likely continue fight back on the other side with her son.

It was likely that her son, Shane, was let out of the mental institution.

Sinead wasn’t likely to commit suicide, even though she was depressed and missed her late son. The industry just used her personal issues for their narrative to take her out and silence her from exposing the truth about The Catholic Church, Pope, and pedophilia, as well as other issues in society. She refused to comply with her role her family planned for her.


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