Easter Outfits 2022

Friday, April 15, 2022, Good Friday

Yoworld’s Challenge 5 is a fashion outfit challenge for Easter 2022 Tea Party. My first avatar is dressed in pink. Yeah, she is pretty in pink, as she parties in the backyard garden area. She received the rating of 4.3; she wears a pink dress, pink high heel shoes, pink shawl, pink sunhat, pink sheer shawl, and pink macaroon earrings. She carries with her a designer satchel with floral print and wear pet tags of her late pets around her neck. She hangs out with her three current pets, a cat on a leash, a rescued bunny, and a rescued lamb, as well as a pink bunny toy that her three pets like to play with. Her hair is the latest trend—pixie in black, which looks good with her blue eyes and makeup. She also wears a pink fannypack for basic essentials—iPhone, keys, and change.

My second avatar is dressed in a similar Easter outfit, but in a different color. Her color choice is baby blue. She received the same rating of 4.3; she wears a light blue sunhat, dress, light blue macaroon earrings, and high heels, with a white faux fur shawl and white trendy purse. She enjoys roasting vegan marshmallows on a stick as her sweet treat for Easter celebration. Her hair is in a red pixie and her makeup is trendy because she just goes with the flow in life, making the appropriate adjustments.

Which Easter outfit do you prefer?


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