Drakeo, Dead at 28

Thursday, January 20, 2022

This video is a psychic energy reading on the late Drakeo the Ruler. I don’t know who he is, and I am not aware of his work.

He was born as Darrell Wayne Caldwell on December 1, 1993, and he died on December 18, 2021. He was an American rapper and songwriter who was recently murdered via stabbing. He was performing at a big event with other rappers.

The assassination was orchestrated from outside of his immediate environment, similar to other celebrities.

They are trying to change the day of his death from December 18th to December 19th, probably for symbolism purposes.

He was stabbed during an LA concert on Saturday, December 18th. It happened behind the stage at the LA Exposition Park, around 8:30pm, and he died at the hospital. He was

His death was connected to a woman. It was a timed satanic ritual, due to the full moon in Gemini. This female set it up, before they sent someone to kill him via stabbing. There were contractual issues going on, and he wanted to help his black race.

The younger person who killed him will take his place in 2022. He has a baby face, and he wanted his position in the music industry. I guess he was a rival who was competing with Drakeo.

He is now watching his mother dealing with his death, and feels worried for his mother, especially now that she is without him.

Some of the people, who he thought were his friends, had betrayed him because they weren’t his friends at all.

The females there were gathering information.

It was an energetic takeover because he felt like a puppet on stage, controlled in his performance, to perform a certain way.

He wanted to change something about his performance and move to the next level in his career. And, he wanted to get out of the industry within the next three years. He also wanted to set his mother free.

It was an ordered it.

Darrell Wayne Caldwell, or Drakeo the Ruler, dead at 28. 


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