Saturday, 6.27.20

It was a nice sunny morning, as I went to a 10am yoga meetup at a park. 8 people showed up. Although it was sunny, there was also a nice breeze. After an hour of yoga, as I was walking to my car, I noticed a dragonfly flutter by me, and across toward the other direction. It golden yellow wings sparkled in the bright sunlight as it fluttered around happily. I just felt it was a positive sign. I wasn’t able to take a snapshot of the dragonfly because I forgot to take my iPhone with me today. 

Dragonfly symbolism indicates good luck or prosperity. But, spiritually, it symbolizes change, adaptability, self-realization, and transformation. Such change has to do with mental and emotional maturity by understanding life in a deeper way. It can also indicate angels are surrounding me to bring me love.

When I arrived home, I watched an interesting animated movie of The Addams Family, while enjoying my salad and spirulina smoothie. 


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