Don’t Over Load!!

I found out a few tips on my channel that I wanna share with everyone. I found out that if you make a lot of videos and you post them you could be hurting you channel. I know you wanna grow and get some videos out there but don’t put a lot out in the world at once. Spread it out to like 2 Videos a day that way you can get your viewers to know that you are posting constantly. If you start doing that you will get views but remember they will not come over night you gotta work at it think of it as a part-time job almost. Everyone knows how that works if you don’t show up you don’t get payed will in this you don’t show up you will not get views and your ratings will go down. So even if you do a video a day your making the effort. Hope this helps please share and comment and don’t forget to see more @ #Dubzanator


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