Dark Symbolism Embedded in Society

Sunday, May 3, 2020

Wherever you go, notice the symbolism in business, company, and brand logos, media promotion, politicians, actors, and historical sites. Washingon DC is filled with symbolism. I am sure it is everywhere else. It is also in TV shows, movies, cartoons, and advertisements.

#1 Symbolism Part 1 Not HD sorry about quality

This video lists some of the MK-Ultra symbolism as well as pedophilia codes. I have known about the Monster can symbolism, which has Hebrew numbers 666, from video during early 2000s.  

This video displays MK-Ultra, Pedophilia, and satanic symbolism in society as well as in many movies, TV shows, and promoted by celebrity puppets. The Pope is involved in this satanic promotion because the Catholic Church was infiltrated by Zionists for the N.W.O. agenda.

Chelsea Clinton wears an upside down cross, promoting her loyalty to Satan. So does her mother Hillary Clinton.

There are also masonic black and white duality symbolism.

The star-shaped sheriff badge has pedophilia symbol. I thought the star just looked the Zionist Israel star, in which USA sheriffs could also be controlled by Zionist Israel.

I never liked Nestle candy to begin with.

Red shoes is sacrificed kids‘skin leather.

I was always aware that Nazism and Zionism is the same thing. Just common sense. They do the same thing, hiding under a different religion.

Babies are boiled to death in a huge cauldron, and the Satanists eat human baby soup.

Monarch butterfly symbolism, in which is found in many dark movies, such as Hunger Games.


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