A Crazy Journey – Part 9


When they reached the venue of the Conference, there was a crowd already there. They paid their entrance, got their little brochures.   They were hungry so were discussing where to go when Lorraine saw her chance to slip away.  She had a map and walked the distance to the motel, arriving exhausted.

She went to her room, took off her pants suit, hung it up, and fell into bed.

It was just past six in the evening.

She slept until three and waking in the dark, looked at her phone, saw the time.  She used the bathroom, took a warm shower, and went to lie down for another two hours.

Lorriane dragged up at nearly six, used the bathroom again, dressed, went to the diner across the road.  She was starving.

She began with juice, then a scrambled egg and toast, then coffee.   Still hungry, she ordered one slice of French Toast, and told herself no more.

She went back to the motel, brushed her teeth, and then walked to the venue, arriving just after eight.

Her ‘friends’ were there, as were others whom she had ‘met’ on the message board. Most of the people there were loud and some in costume.  This wasn’t just Sean Pine’s Con, this was a number of other science fiction programs, and so there were a lot of people.


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Written by jaylar

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