Conspiracies in Media Industry

Since 2008, I have been checking out Youtube videos to seek the truth about different topics. I believe what happened to Michael Jackson was a conspiracy because I have seen many videos where Latoya Jackson exposes the truth. And, she is the only one in their family that exposes the truth. I think it is sad but true.

Murder of Jim Carrey’s girlfriend was all over Youtube, and when I first saw the video of the weird way that she died, I thought that it didn’t make sense. I immediately assumed that it was some kind of Illuminati sacrifice because of who knows what happened between them. So, this video makes sense that Jim Carrey is being framed for killing his girlfriend. He probably opened his big mouth against them, and now they are framing him for her murder, regardless of who actually murdered her.

The controversial Prince song was never released. Before Prince died, I remember watching many Youtube videos where Prince was being interviewed by someone, and he was exposing all kinds of weird things happening, such as chemtrails in the sky, Illuminati, and other incidents that are very obvious by now because everyone on the internet knows about such information. I was surprised that he was still alive after seeing all these videos. But all of the sudden, I heard about his death, and it was noted that he typed someone on his Instagram right before he died, and then it was deleted soon after. I thought that was really weird.

I think these three videos are interesting summaries about these conspiracies.


What do you think?


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