Clearing Negative Energy

Clearing Negative Energy Youtube Video

Saturday, January 15, 2022

Binding energy from a soul from another life? Curses said from certain people which could lead to generational curses passed down through the family. Pray to God to clear generational curses.

Eating certain food affects the body, mind, and soul, and it can allow energies to enter because it might weaken the body. Emotional attachment to food, like Oprah’s comfort food.

Addictions are a choice. Anorexia is a way to control one’s life by controlling their body for people who don’t have a control over their life. Replace your addiction with doing something and staying busy. Replace your addiction with something positive, such as workout, drinking lots of water, creative hobby, do artwork, write a book, etc.

Sleep paralysis? Something on you, stopping you from getting out of your body. A frequency binding. Or, maybe the person cannot enter their body after astral traveling. Attacks on humans by entities who harvest human energy. Some entity might enter someone’s body. Praying and place salt around bed for protection.

Beast System is a group of energies that are at different locations. Chaos Cause is people who enjoy seeing you in conflicts.


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