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Cinta Tak Bermakna – Yucca Rose Music Video from the album Tree Of Life

Cinta Tak Bermakna is a funky and jazzy track from my first solo album TREE OF LIFE released in 2013. A Day and Night in New York – befitting footage  – modern western people locked up in anonymous huge concrete boxes … living a hectic, stressful life without true faith. There WILL be the End Of Days – the end of humanity … and if you don’t have true faith – too bad for you.

Credits: Original Music Title: Changing Lanes – Composer: Val Gaina (BMI) – Publisher: StackTraxx Music, Inc. (BMI) – Lyrics: Yucca Rose – Publisher: Rose Records And Publishing.

Vocal recordings produced by Peter Heckmann. This track and/or the full album available at my Bandcamp page.


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