Channeling Chris Cornell…

Saturday, May 29, 2021

She did another psychic dimensional energy for Chris Cornell. He crossed out dimensionally with certain amount energy. He didn’t do what was said he did. He is worried about his kids. He felt shock and grief when he ended up on the other side. He was obviously suicided. Some of his family members are aware he didn’t do what they said he did.

Carrot juice?

People he worked are trying to spy on him from here to there next?

Their energy being sent here so we can connect with their energy and work together in the Spiritual War going on now. They want to help us fight this Spiritual War, and fight back the elites. Things are being revealed, and they cannot get away with what they are doing.

More things going on, regarding his death. He didn’t go to himself because he was mentally ill. He can feel everyone talking about his death and making videos about it.

If people mourn for dead celebrity, then it keeps them energy on earth?


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