Channeling Chester Bennington's Energy

Friday, June 18, 2021

This video is another psychic channeling of the late musician Chester Bennington. He is pissed that people are saying he committed suicide. He was actually forced out of his life, which is translated into he was murdered. He is currently “ministering,” dressed “all in white,” in the other side. He wants to help us see the truth.

When he was born into his life, his path was already chosen for him, and there was always a struggle for him.

He couldn’t see people for what they are.

When he stepped into the other side, he met cousins and uncles.

Three people involved in Chester’s murder, and it was ordered hit because he was ready to move on into a different direction in his life, and they could no longer make money of him.

One of his bandmates is a traitor. Something happened in 2013. Another person from Ireland. Something was revealed to Chester. It was a mafia hit. It wasn’t supposed to happen this way.

Money taken from him was used for artwork. Art companies? Art transfers? The money was transported with the artwork?


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