Celebs Gone Crazy

Friday, 8.7.20

Celebrities gone crazy, ranting about their problems, hoping for attention. They are probably just doing their regular promotions for the idiots who actually follow them. Why else would they go on about certain issues, whether promoting the race war, pushing leftist side for Hillary Clinton, or promotion transgender?

#2 Alyssa Milano Makes Her DUMBEST Tweet Yet and Faces Immediate Backlash!

Alyssa Milano tweet that she is voting for Biden, claim he has the experience to rebuild America. She claims that the crazy people destroying America is Trump’s America. I think the people destroying statues and business are the paid thugs, ANTIFA, who were actually paid by the leftist Soros and other billionaires to push a race war so that start martial law. Alyssa Milano is a retard who talks gibberish to her retarded fans who actually follow her.


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