Celebrities Promoting Satan

Saturday, November 6, 2021

Nancy Pelosi thanks George Floyd for being sacrificed for the race war division? She was made to do and say that because it was a part of the Deep State Agenda. The policeman who kneeled on Floyd’s neck is known to be an actor with SAG. The man playing George Floyd was also an actor with SAG. It was all a theatric PsyOp for a bigger agenda.

Justin Timberlake came out with a song, “Satan is my master…”

Niki Minaj sings about, “dancing with the devil…” and “making a deal with the devil for fame.” She states she is a daughter of the devil.

Lil Nas X and his Nike promotion for the Satan shoes with human blood in the heels. He sings about falling down from Heaven. He has no clue what he is doing. He is just doing it for the money. It is just a job for him.

Beyonce’s Sasha Fierce alter ego has to do with channeling a wild entity, and her face shapeshifts into a demon, while she casts spells on her audience. She has many alters. Jay-Z also has many alters.

Lady GAGA will get justice within the next year. She tried to get out, but she couldn’t. It was too late.

Britney Spears was raised in a Luciferian family. She loved the fame, and she couldn’t give it up.


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