Celeb Insights 3.19.21

Friday, March 19, 2021

Smoky quartz used for blocking psychic attacks.

MAC isn’t cruelty-free. Don’t buy this makeup brand. MAC owns Estee Lauder and other brands.

Replying from comments from idiots? Yeah, I deal with these idiots all the time. Yeah, Reddit is annoying. I tried it once, and I didn’t like it there. But all sites have idiots with no life leaving lame comments.

Don Johnson was into gay sex.

Eddie Murphy? He used to pick up male kids for pedophilia.

Randy Rhoads knew he was going to die, right before he was going to leave his band.

Steve Bing didn’t commit suicide.

Kobe Bryant always cheated on his wife.

Kevin Spacey’s father molested and beat him and his siblings. Kevin Spacey beat dark kids on Epstein’s Island.

Naomi Campbell?

R. Kelly is a trafficker for elites.

Jack Nicholson? Charlie Sheen?

Al Pacino is different, mostly on his own.

Jane Fonda’s mother committed suicide in a mental institution.

Frances Farmer was placed in a mental institution because she expresses herself too much. And, they took her brain out. I watched the movie about her, and I remember they were always giving her shock treatment.

Rosemary Kennedy was lobotomized as well as electric shock therapy.

Betty Ford was drinking nail polish remover.

Princess Di and Dody were murdered.

Vaccine Passport for people who take their vaccines, while people who refuse vaccine will wear anklet bracelet so that they will live with restrictions.

Doctors get money for prescriptions?

California might get rid of Newsom?


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